Garrity Mediation & Consulting

Training • Services • Consulting

for schools, government, businesses, families, communities

  • Garrity Mediation & Consulting supports people in schools, government, businesses, families, and communities through training, services, and consulting.
  • People spend most of their time working in groups. Group success depends on healthy functioning relationships through clear communication, group problem-solving, and conflict resolution
  • We help people understand each other, their environment, the issues before them, and the possibilities ahead of them.
  • Our services bring out the best talents of administrators, managers, employees, educators, students, family members, and citizens.
  • Conflict in schools directly affects student learning and teacher morale.
  • Conflict in business and government affects productivity and employee retention.
  • Examining the “relational infrastructure” of an organization and providing training, services, and interventions as can make organization healthier and more resilient.
  •  Garrity Mediation & Consulting works to build, maintain, and restore positive working relationships in schools, government, businesses, families, and community groups