Mediation Services

General Mediation

Conflict is a normal part of life. People generally handle it well. Mediation is a process which helps people resolve their differences when they find it difficult to resolve things on their own.

Mediation services help with:

  • School issues
  • Workplace issues
  • Customer-business disputes
  • Neighbor disputes
  • House of worship conflict
  • Community issues

Workplace Mediation

  • Workplace conflict can have negative effects on the productivity, morale, attendance, and retention of employees. According to research studies, workplace conflict takes 20-50% of managers time and 8% of an average employee’s time each week.
  • Workplace conflict contributes to 60% of voluntary resignations and 90% of involuntary resignations. Replacing an employee is costly.
  • Addressing workplace conflict, rather than avoiding or ignoring it supports the work of the employees and the organization.
  • Mediation services help with issues:
    • within departments
    • between departments
    • multi-business joint projects
    • employee – employee conflict
    • employee – supervisor conflict

Family Mediation

When families experience conflict, they usually handle it well. Sometimes issues become difficult to resolve. Mediation assists families to understand, restore, and maintain positive relationships.

When spouses or partners choose to separate or seek a divorce, mediation is an effective method to help them change from sharing a life together to living apart.
Mediation is especially helpful for creating successful co-parenting arrangements for couples with children.

Mediation services help with:

Resolving issues within the Family

  • Creating understanding
  • Responding to change
  • Problem-solving
  • Reconciliation
  • Spouse-Spouse
  • Parent-Teenager
  • Parent-Child
  • Child-Child


  • Resolving new issues that arise with children
  • Responding to change in the family
  • New relationships